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The medical industry is essential for our health and wellbeing. Since the industry is constantly innovating and developing better ways to diagnose and treat diseases, their technology must also keep up. JPS Manufacturing serves the medical industry, specializing in parts for automation and assembly. Contact us about a quote for your next project today!


The farming industry provides us with the food and materials we rely on to keep our bodies and communities up and running. JPS has manufactured parts for many agricultural companies, one of those being the famous John Deere. If you’re looking for a shop that specializes in custom machining, reach out for a quote on your next project.


The transportation industry enables the movement of people and goods, which is vital for trade, commerce, and social interaction around the world. Locally, JPS did work for the QLine, a 3.3-mile-long streetcar system in Detroit, Michigan. If you’re looking for a machine parts manufacturer, JPS Manufacturing serve areas including Marine, Aerospace, Locomotive, and more! Contact our team today for more information.


The food and beverage industry employs millions of people worldwide in order for citizens to receive the goods and nourishment they require. JPS has manufactured custom parts for machines that assist in the cutting of pizza dough, subs, and packaging, just to name a few projects. We’d love the chance to talk about your custom machining needs. Contact us today!


JPS Manufacturing has experience working with Tier 2 government suppliers manufacturing custom parts for the field of government defense. To learn more about our capabilities as a government supplier, please contact us directly.


JPS Manufacturing does a large volume of work in the automotive industry, specifically with wheel and tire assembly automation. If you’re an OEM looking for a manufacturer, look no further than JPS Manufacturing.



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